There is a group of academics, who are going to intiate formation of informal but working panel of international experts in geogrids science and technology.

The reasons for such an intiative are formulated beneath:

  • Growing scientific and technological potential of geogrids and their application is observed a
  • Scientific and engineering base of geogrid & granular material interaction is still not fully sufficient.
  • Various interpretations of these processes are being presented and/or published, many times with visible subjective, non-scientific or commercial background.
  • There is no clear approach how to create international standards in this field, the initiatives and works in this area are very often becoming a subject of lobbying and commercial interest of manufacturers of various materials.

The Panel is intended to be:

  • Informal (non-profit) body.
  • A forum for:
    • Sharing of ideas and opinions.
    • Sharing of new fundamental scientific and technological knowledge.
    • Possible initiation of new research, studies and development concepts.
    • Discussion on effective ways of education of specialists in this field.
  • A platform for creation of impartial opinions and expertise, if necessary.
  • Beneficiary for all members in both scientific and technological aspects.

The mechanism of work:

  • The organization will be done by impartial but professional agency.
  • Initiators will invite other known Einternational experts as the potential founding members.
  • The Panel will remain open for more members in the future, although the aim is not to build up a mass organization. It should remain a group of selected and very involved in the subject experts.
  • Meetings of all members (most likely once a year) will be financed by sponsors. Ideally, the meetings can be connected with visiting of some interesting laboratories or in situ projects.
  • Using e-tools, including correspondence, for the cooperation and communication between meetings.
   20 January 2017